Teaching Staff


David Goulbourn  BA (Hons), PGCE (distinction)

Specialist Prep School History and Games Teacher

“In my history lessons it is my ambition to bring the voice of a historical person or an event alive, and to make their message fascinating and relevant to the children’s lives.”

Head of Prep School and Personal Development

Lindsey Birchall  BA (Hons), PGCE

Form 3 Teacher Specialist Prep School English Teacher

“I believe that teaching is a challenging, demanding and exciting career that makes a lasting contribution to a young person; therefore I hope to be an important role model, passing on my energy and creativity to inspire children to achieve their dreams.”

Head of Early Years Foundation Stage

Beryl Spence,  B.Ed (Hons)

Reception Teacher

“I recognise the uniqueness of each child and I nurture this to develop confident and independent learners in a happy and secure environment. During their time in Reception children experience daily Literacy and Numeracy activities as part of a rich and stimulating curriculum.”

Head of Kindergarten

Megan Randles  BSc, PGCE

Specialist Pre-School Teacher

“I am particularly interested in phonics and reading development which has been enhanced through my specialism in English, and preparing the children for their transition to Reception classes.”

Head of English

Phillipa Marshall  BSc (Hons), PGCE

Specialist Prep School English Teacher Form 4 Teacher

“Seeing children develop academically and as individuals is a very rewarding part of teaching. Giving children the tools to progress to their full potential has always been a priority of mine and seeing how proud they can be of their achievements is priceless. I thoroughly enjoy becoming absorbed in a good book and feel that being able to create a love of literature, to inspire reading and enthuse creative writers, is hugely important for children developing their confidence and enjoyment of English lessons.”

Form 5 Teacher

Christie Farrell  BA (Hons), PGCE

Specialist Prep School English Teacher

“Reading and writing are at the core of education and life as a whole and it is my aim to instil a love for English in children from an early age, promoting both linguistic creativity and grammatical accuracy in equal measure.”

Form 4 Teacher

Rachel Lake  BA (Hons), PGCE (distinction)

Specialist Prep School English Teacher

“My aim is to instil a lifelong love of learning! I believe that learning should be interesting, exciting and fun. I thrive on giving the children opportunities to explore the curriculum in creative ways, whilst also developing the skills that they need to become independent learners, well-rounded individuals and high achievers.”

Form 1 Teacher

Candice Kossowska  B.Ed (Hons), QTS

“I am passionate about capturing children’s interests through classroom provision and lessons that are stimulating and educational. I believe a creative approach to teaching can develop children’s curiosity and inspire a love for learning. I thoroughly enjoy teaching young children at the beginning of their learning journey, supporting them to become confident, happy and independent individuals.”

Reception Teacher

Amy Dunkley 

“Teaching in Early Years is the most rewarding job and I strive to give young children the best start possible. I believe in the importance of learning through play and inspiring the children to use their imaginations, which in turn gives them a passion for discovering new things. I understand the value of getting to know each child individually and aspire to help them reach their full potential.”

Head of Music

Sarah Le Sueur  BMus (Hons), PGCE

Specialist Music Teacher

“Music provides children with so much. My aim is to provide enjoyable musical experiences for every child which inspire and develop valuable skills that they can transfer to all areas of their life. All children are encouraged to participate, enjoy performing and develop a knowledge and love of music and singing that they will always remember. From the nervous first timer to the gifted and talented, musical talents are carefully nurtured and the results amaze me and their proud parents.

Head of MFL

Nathalie Pettecrew, MA, PGCE

Specialist Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

“As a French national, I feel that I can offer children a true insight into French culture and I am keen to make language learning an exciting and fun experience.”

Head of Learning Support

Liz Stone  B Ed (Hons)


“I help any child who is experiencing any difficulties with additional support. This may be in any area across the curriculum and could be on 1:1 basis or as part of a small group.”

Deputy Headteacher and Head of Academics

Louise Edwards  BA (Hons), PGCE, MaST

Form 5 Teacher Specialist Prep School Maths Teacher

“I have taught mostly years 5 and 6 for the last 12 years. I love maths, it’s all around us and part of our everyday lives. Everyone can be a mathematician, it is about finding the right approach to understanding it. I want to inspire mathematical curiosity in all children, making it hands on, interactive and thought provoking and relevant.”

Head of Pre-Prep

Katherine Lowther  BSc (Hons), QTS

Form 2 Teacher

“I love Pownall for the feeling of belonging to a supportive family and I enjoy coming to work every day to be surrounded by a leafy environment and wonderfully vibrant children.”

Head of Nursery

Judith Earl  BA (Hons), EYPS

Nursery Specialist

“I am incredibly lucky to be working alongside an excellent team of Early Years Practitioners and with parents in order to offer high quality, personalised provision, supporting children’s learning and development.”

Head of Science

Kirsty French  BSc (Hons), PGCE 

Specialist Science Teacher Form 6 Teacher GCSE examiner for AQA Combined Science

“Science is the ideal means by which to inspire students and to stimulate their interest and imagination. I go to great lengths to link the science that I am teaching to the students everyday life. I truly believe when the students can relate to what is being taught and are actively involved in the lesson they become more engaged and motivated in their learning and make the highest rates of progress.”

Head of Maths

Susan Coyle  BA (Ed) Hons

Form 4 Teacher Specialist Prep School Maths Teacher

“I am a primary mathematics specialist by training – we are a rare breed. Maths is such an important subject – an almost universal language with endless possibilities for developing reasoning and logic. I love helping our Form 4 children to discover just how amazing numbers are.”

Form 2 Teacher

Fiona Harrison  LLB, PGCE

10 years a solicitor before retraining as a teacher

“I have a legal background as well as academic, bringing wider experiences to the classroom to enhance learning. I hope to inspire the children with a blend of the formal and the imaginative to achieve the ideal classroom balance.”

Form 2 Teacher

Carolyn Lees  B.Ed (Hons)

“My expertise in Drama and Dance is applied in the creative and inspirational delivery of my lessons. I love working with Year 2 children. They are at such an interesting point in their lives and I feel privileged to share and enhance that experience.”

Form 1 Teacher

Belinda Hardy  BA (Hons), PGCE

“I take pride in planning a rich and varied curriculum to encourage children to be creative and enthused during lessons. I love teaching Year 1 because it is wonderful to see the rapid development of the children’s phonics and reading. It is extremely rewarding to witness their excitement when they realise they can now recognise words in the world around them. It gives me great satisfaction to see them progress towards a lifetime’s love of reading.”

Head of PE and Sport

Sharon Johnstone  BA (Hons), QTS

Specialist PE and Games Teacher

“I understand the highs and lows of competitive sport and the camaraderie that sport brings. My aim is to introduce a wide variety of sports to the children in a safe, happy and unique environment so that they may learn those lessons, enhance their sporting skills and find their sporting passion.”

Head of Art and Design Technology

Heather Henning-Lee  Cert Ed

Specialist Art and Design Technology Teacher

“I am passionate about delivering an inspiring curriculum and in teaching children about artists, crafts people and designers through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics, 3D and textiles. I just love the sound of children’s feet running up the stairs to my art studio, all eager to begin our next exciting topic….”

Music Teacher

Sam Morris  BMus (Hons)

Specialist EYFS and Pre-Prep Music Teacher

“Learning music is like learning a language- we become fluent in speech very early because we are speaking all of the time, playing with words and experimenting with sounds. Music is the same- when children sing songs and rhymes they improve by being creative with the material. This is why in my classes you might hear us sing like robot ducks…”

SEND Assistant (EYFS and Pre-Prep)

Georgia Flynn   BA (Hons), QTS

“In my view, Early Years are the most exciting in a child’s school years; a time when they develop so quickly and, stimulated by their new discoveries, become independent learners.”