Enrichment and Learning Support


In the same way that our continuous monitoring of progress identifies areas for extra help, we also identify more readily those children with a particularly enhanced ability (gifted & talented) in maths, English, languages, sport, art, music and drama.

Most of the needs of these children are catered for in the normal course of the curriculum and co-curriculum as tailored “stretch” exercises to accommodate their flair. But we also have a subject specific enrichment programme which will encompass lunch time or after school activities and trips.

Learning Support

In our experience 20-25% of children will need a little extra help at some stage from Year 1 when learning support needs start to manifest.

We ensure that all children who need that support, receive it, whilst still participating in a full, practical and flexible timetable. Time is allocated appropriately either in 1:1 sessions or in small groups of 3 or 4.

1:1 support is for specific needs such as children with a Dyslexic profile, children that need specific phonic work, or children that have English as an additional language.

The children always come happily and readily to the Learning Support Room and work hard within their time slot. It has been really pleasing to see the progress that all of the children have made in such a variety of areas of the curriculum. These have included such things as learning to tell the time (a much needed life-skill), producing clearer handwriting, improving spellings and reading skills, learning and applying number skills, learning to work collaboratively as part of a group, beginning to recognise and express the emotions they are feeling, developing speech and language skills and extra help with Maths for entrance exams – to name but a few!