Variety of Curricular Sports and Clubs

At Pownall Hall School children are timetabled with 5 hours of physical activity. Many do much more. We consider sport to be so important for teaching life’s important lessons such as fair play, team work, respect, honesty, and the right way to win and lose.

Of course, what the children experience is a wide variety of curricular sports and clubs making the most of our extensive sporting facilities.

We have games lessons; our curriculum teaches rugby, tag rugby, hockey, football, cricket, netball, rounders and athletics in termly rotation. We also have PE lessons; fitness, orienteering, gymnastics and healthy lifestyle choices. Through our clubs we add basketball, cross-country, tennis, judo, horse riding, and golf to our pupils.

Children are taught to swim in year 2 and lessons continue through to year 6. For year 2 and below we also work on basic but essential skills (hand-eye-ball-bat co-ordination) through small-team games.

Specialist Sports Teachers

In line with the rest of our curriculum, sports are taught with specialist teachers. We also complement our expertise with the best outside coaching available. This is particularly true for cricket and ballet but the most notable are;

  • Our rugby teams are also coached by Sale Sharks RUFC
  • Our football teams are also coached by Wilmslow Football Academy

Sports fixtures against other prep schools are played at least once a week for both boys and girls when children reach Form 3. Emphasis is on enjoyment, competition and participation. We have a 100% participation policy, which means that every pupil will represent the school for sport. It carries prestige, it is earned, and the onus is on us to find the sport your child excels in. In addition to sports fixtures we host our own House Competitions on a regular basis throughout the year for a range of sports including netball, swimming, cricket, athletics and football.