Modern Foreign Languages

Fully qualified MFL teacher

At Pownall Hall School, we strongly believe in the benefit of learning a Foreign Language and we aim to lay the foundations for a positive attitude to learning languages as well as building up cultural awareness and tolerance. French is fully included in the curriculum from Nursery all the way up to Year 6.

From Year 4, German is taught alongside French to ensure a secure preparation for further study at senior school. Both languages are taught by a fully qualified MFL teacher and native French speaker who is ideally placed to offer an insight into French culture.

Teaching is planned according to an enhanced curriculum of study for languages using a scheme of work that maps out linguistic progress for all children.

In the early stages, the focus is on listening and speaking skills, with reading and writing being introduced from Year 2. An early introduction to grammar helps them to understand the structure not only of foreign languages, but of their own too.

Children are actively involved in their language learning through games, story-telling, role plays and the use of real life props. We use interactive software to embed learning but the acid test comes from Skype calls with pupils in French and German schools. These are always a highlight, and this practical experience fosters confidence in speaking.