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Snow Stopping Results for Pownall Hall School.

02.03.2018 / 0 Comments / Awards / Posted by pownal_admin

Temperatures may have plummeted to -5 in Wilmslow last week but pupils at local independent preparatory school, Pownall Hall School, hit soaring scores in their recent 11 + exam results. With every single boy and girl in year six getting into the senior school of their choice and several pupils achieving multiple scholarships, the school […]

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Flying high in Form 1

17.02.2017 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

Form 1 have been using our extensive, beautiful, rural 8 acre site as an inspiration for their recent Art topic on Birds. Mrs Henning-Lee, our wonderfully talented Art Specialist teacher for Form 1 upwards is very proud of what they have achieved. An incredible array of advanced skills have been demonstrated by our wonderful 5 […]

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Space Month ‘blasts off’ @ Pownall!

13.02.2017 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin

Pupils of all ages at Pownall will be enjoying the ‘awe and wonder’ activities of their Space Month that started today. Augmented and Virtual Reality, trips to observatories and visiting ones at school, i-pad apps, live links to the ISS, tethered and space balloon launches…to name just a few of the wonderful opportunities through our […]

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Come and join us at our Open Day!

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12.01.2017 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin

Hands-up. ‘Believe that your greatness comes from within.’ I read a brilliant (insightful, humorous and very saddening) article this week (given to me by one of our parents-thank you!) written by Judith Wood (The Daily Telegraph) about how some schools are preventing children from putting their hand up in case it makes others, who do […]

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Pownall Protectors: Form 6

01.12.2016 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin

They are creative, passionate, hard-working, motivated team workers… The Pownall Protectors! The Pownall Protectors has been created by the F6 children who have developed a call to action that will strive to raise £3,000 in their bid to save many of the world’s endangered species. This project all came about because one of our study […]

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Happy Birthday Pownall Nursery!

10.11.2016 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin

The Nursery at Pownall Hall School in Wilmslow has just celebrated its 21st Birthday. Having recently opened a new canopy on to the spacious outdoor learning environment the staff decided to celebrate in traditional manner, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic!   The crisp autumnal morning that shrouded the beautiful 8 acre site was punctuated by excited […]

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Green space improves pupil memory

28.10.2016 / 0 Comments / Case Studies / Posted by pownal_admin

We are so blessed to have wonderful grounds here at Pownall; 8+ acres for the children to enjoy. We have woods that we use for science projects and forest-type schools activities; our grounds are an integral part of our everyday activities, whether through free-flow or planned lessons. A recent study has proved what we at […]

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Curiosity is the engine…

08.10.2016 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin

just-a-thought-7th-october-2016 ‘JUST A THOUGHT’…… Education Based upon a lecture by Ken Robinson Death Valley is the hottest place in America. Death Valley is so hot that nothing grows there. In 2004, 9 inches of rain fell in Death Valley and the floor of the valley was carpeted in flowers; beautiful, vibrant, previously dormant flowers sprang […]

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Dragon wants Business Enterprise-Pownall leads way!

15.07.2016 / 0 Comments / Education / Posted by pownal_admin At Pownall Hall our Pownall + curriculum includes Business Enterprise. The children this year have designed and created logos for their ‘Farm to Fork Cafe’ project. This included making Jam, baking bread and cakes, printing tea towels and concocting cereals. Thanks to Sheldon’s Bakery, Kellogs, Duerrs Jam and all associated businesses that encouraged and […]

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