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Pre-Prep Carols by Candlelight

11.12.2017 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

This evening we enjoyed a wonderful Carols By Candlelight outside of the beautiful Pownall Hall that is our home.  

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Flying high in Form 1

17.02.2017 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

Form 1 have been using our extensive, beautiful, rural 8 acre site as an inspiration for their recent Art topic on Birds. Mrs Henning-Lee, our wonderfully talented Art Specialist teacher for Form 1 upwards is very proud of what they have achieved. An incredible array of advanced skills have been demonstrated by our wonderful 5 […]

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Creative expression opportunity is crucial

23.04.2016 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

At Pownall Hall creative and performing arts are as integral as any other subject to the development of our pupils. It is crucial that children have breadth and creative depth in their lives, enabling them to express themselves through media other than words. Here are our entries to the i-ART national competition. Enjoy them with […]

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Pied Piper Tickets Now Available

04.03.2015 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

The Pied Piper tickets are now available for purchase with your Debit or Credit card and there is an opportunity to make a contribution to the refurbishment of the Theatre. You can also select your seat from the theatre seating plan.  Click on the ‘buy tickets’ button below.  

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Peter Pan and the Lost Timelords

15.05.2014 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

Pownall Hall School presented its first Wilmslow community pantomime last week. With the Zany title of Peter Pan and the Lost Time Lords it seemed perfectly reasonable to put it on in May! The scriptwriter Dave Billington was recruited from the ranks of Wilmslow Football Academy and very quickly Producer (Camilla Wilson) put together a […]

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Aboriginal Art

07.02.2014 / 0 Comments / Arts / Posted by pownal_admin

Children investigated Aboriginal Art this week. They looked at the history of aboriginal art forms and the techniques that were and are still used today. In order to try and emulate these techniques these snakes were produced, with the chikdren working in teams. They used cotton buds to stipple the designs. Everyone was very proud […]

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