Parents’ Association

Strong Sense of Community

Pownall Hall is a small school with a very strong sense of community. Our Parents’ Association is integral to the school community as a way of facilitating parental participation in staging events for the school, and by doing so, helping the school to raise extra money for items of benefit to the children.

We run many events throughout the school year. Some small, some huge, some for the children and some are parents only!! We have a very varied calendar. The children enjoy the Halloween disco and Valentines movie night. At Christmas, Santa visits his newly prepared grotto in the main hall, making sure he speaks to each child and brings them an early Christmas present. However, their favourite event is the annual visit from the Easter Bunny and Easter Chick, who collect them from their classrooms, sing and dance on the Headmasters Lawn with them, then hand out chocolate eggs! Parents can enjoy the Quiz night that sells out every year along with the Summer Ball which this year with the Great Gatsby theme turned out to be an even bigger success than last year! On a much smaller scale, we organise regular coffee mornings for mums in each class after drop off. We drink a lot of coffee!

We run a Christmas and Summer fair each year which usually calls on most of the school parent body for their talents, ideas and help. Parents from each class run a stall at both fairs. The children too; budding entrepreneurs often sign themselves up to help run or even create their own stall. The Summer fair is usually a quaint affair, with tea, scones and strawberries on the Headmasters Lawn whilst watching the many varied shows taking place around the School grounds. There is often a visit from the local police and fire station who pop in for a cuppa and allow the children to dress up and sound the sirens, whilst parents can browse the many stalls set up on the main field.

Fundraising Throughout the Year

In the past we have run the Pownall Pantomime, a four night (and a matinée) spectacular. It is performed and staged by parents and teachers (including the Headmaster) to the harshest of all possible critics; our children. It raised cash, for sure, but it also created a wonderful sense of community throughout the school as parents and teachers built the sets, created costumes and make-up, managed front of house, (nearly) learned lines, songs and dance routines. The children loved seeing their teachers performing swashbuckling songs, and, for weeks afterwards, recognising parents on the school path by their stage personas.

Over the past two years (2015-16 and 2016-17) we have raised in excess of £60,000! This has enabled us to build a state-of-the-art Astro Pitch for all year round hockey, netball, football and sports training, and a fabulous an Outdoor Classroom to host our Forest School activities and to be a home for our STEM workshops.

In recent years we have also bought a special canopies for the Key Stage 1 and Nursery areas that extends our celebrated “free-flow” learning to wet weather and have funded the installation of the ICT suite, the construction of the nature garden and pond, the trim trail (an age appropriate assault course), the story telling chair and benches, and the gardening boxes. We even have a monthly report in the newsletter from our newly installed bird camera with pictures of all the different animals that pass through our beautiful grounds when no one is looking.

Throughout the year, we also purchase smaller items, such as sports day gazebos and flags (for the parade of the athletes!), playground equipment, outdoor lighting for evening events, teas and coffees for parents at school events, the teachers’ wish list that enables the staff to request any extra items they would like and much much more.

The Parents’ Association brings the school together in many different ways. It fundraises throughout the year creating many friendships and many more opportunities for the school. It is a huge part of the school week, with members frequenting the grounds throughout the day helping in one way or another, but never losing its main focus, it’s all about the children!