Catering & Menus

Award Winning

At Pownall Hall School, food isn’t just about “school dinners”. It is also about community, social interaction, manners, and awareness of healthy eating.

We take our pupils’ nutrition very seriously. We provide a varied and balanced diet to protect health, promote proper growth and maintain attention spans. Food is sourced locally where possible, and organic/farm assured where appropriate, We cater for those with allergies, intolerances and specific diets. We prioritise quality over price every time. Our exacting standards apply to lunchtime meals and break-time snacks alike.

It’s not surprising, then, that we have won awards for the quality of our food sourcing and the quality and variety of our meals and snacks.

Of course, we provide healthy, balanced and varied meals for all children at Pownall Hall, and we cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.

But that is just the starting point. We, the “kitchen staff”, the “dinner ladies”, recognise the social importance of lunchtimes and we hope we also add to the children’s educational experience.

Locally Sourced Food

We work with the children in an initiative called “Food for Life and the Soil Partnership”. Essentially, it teaches children about the importance of diet, 5-a-day, sourcing food ethically, etc. It ensures that we source food locally and organically where feasible, and comply to and continually raise high standards. Sometimes, the food is very local; when children from the Gardening club present the vegetables that they grew at the school to prepare for lunch.

Together with the children, we have achieved Silver Award status, and we are working towards Gold.

We also run a Baking Club for years 3 to 6, and give the children hands on experience in preparing food from a recipe such as apple crumble, pizza, or shortbread cookies.

We are always looking to make lunchtimes a happy communal experience for all children from age 2 to 11. We recently redesigned our seats and seating in the dining room to accommodate the smaller ones.

There are special lunches through the year such as Halloween Dinner, and Christmas Lunch, but none are more popular than when the children proudly invite special guests to lunch on Grandparents Day and Relatives Day.

 Autumn and Winter menu 2017.18