Just A Thought

24 November, 2017 / 0 Comments / Headmaster Updates

Most of the successes in our lives are influenced by our habits.

If you want to see an embodiment of this then look no further than the Pownall Chamber Choir. They performed an incredibly difficult and diverse, seasonal repertoire beautifully at Wednesday’s NSPCC Christmas Concert in Wilmslow. That at the same time as working hard in preparation for their 11+ examinations; both the Form 5 and Form 6 members are flat out academically.

How do they manage it?

Well, they have great ability that has been fostered through the inspirational teaching of the Pownall music department (and Mrs. Le Sueur in particular), they have great personal motivation in wanting to be the very best that they can be when performing at such prestigious events and finally, they have an excellent attitude in rehearsal and come performance time. The Pownall Choirs are outstanding because they concentrate on maximising their ability through their first class attitude.

The lesson is that once you get into the habit of concentrating more on achieving positive results, instead of falling back on easily found and often, quite justifiable excuses, then you can accomplish anything.

Everything becomes possible.