Headmaster’s Just a Thought

25 May, 2017 / 0 Comments / Headmaster Updates

This week we have fallen. Under the weight of the grief that has shrouded us all we have staggered and we have fallen. But this is a proud, strong, rich in culture, courageous and wonderful city and its people, our community will rise again; we have already begun to. Our example of resilience and courage is our message to our beautiful children.

Our message to our precious children must be…

Terror will not taint our love for you.

Terror cannot take the hope in our hearts for you.

Terror will not prevent us from standing with you as you pursue your dreams.

Terror will not take your freedom to be you. It will never dim our determination to provide you with the lives you deserve: Lives full of passion, laughter, happiness, richness, diversity, opportunity and excitement, each and every day.

Just a Thought