Happiness Week

10 June, 2018 / 0 Comments / Extra-Curriculum

The week commencing Monday 21st May was ‘Happiness Week’ at Pownall Hall School.

The aim of the week was to encourage discussions around the ‘Happiness’ theme, such as: identifying what makes us happy, how we know if we are feeling happy or sad, and what to do if we or somebody else feels unhappy. We also talked about developing positive attitudes and self-esteem, how to deal with stress and difficult situations as well as increasing awareness of mental health and emotional well-being.

The week started off with a fantastic assembly, delivered by children in Form 4, in order to raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing. The assembly not only educated pupils on what mental health is, and the signs to look out for, it also told them what to do if they, or someone they know are suffering and some strategies to develop positive mental health.

Throughout the week, children from Reception to Year 6 were busy creating ‘Happiness’ friendship bracelets with smiley face beads to symbolise how we look after one another, and how friendship makes us happy.

Children in Kindergarten created their own ‘bee happy’ bees. During this craft activity, they talked about the different things that make them feel happy. There was lots of lovely suggestions from “grandads fish fingers,” to “being at school all day”.

Throughout the week, the children in Form 1 discussed happiness and how their friends and family make them happy. They enjoyed writing sentences explaining all the wonderful things that their families do for them. They also had discussions about their friends at school and how acts of kindness can make people happy. The children were delighted when Form 6 came to help them make their own friendship bracelets!

Form 2HL carried out an investigation into the Science of Smiling, which involved biting on a straw, studying facial muscles, the movement of the face when we smile and what effect the action of smiling has on our brain. They learned the poem ‘A Smile’ and performed it as choral poetry, and they did creative writing based upon the story of The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson – focusing on how helping other people makes us feel good about ourselves.

In Form 3, the children discussed the meaning of happiness in a mature way. As a class they shared a number of happy memories and looked carefully at the things that make us truly happy. Following this, the children wrote beautiful poems about happiness using metaphors, similes and personification. Some examples included:
“Happiness is when you walk off a stage and people clap and cheer.”
“Happiness is like a fireball shooting through the great, blue, wondrous sky.”
“Happiness is all of the different coloured leaves falling to the ground, red, orange and gold.”
“Happiness is wishing on a bright star, shining in the black night sky.”
“Happiness is being free, wild and alive. Happiness is the beautiful world itself.”
“Happiness is exploring a dream that never ends.”

Form 6 children thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and making their friendship bracelets, whilst listening to their favourite songs. At the end, they all shared one thing that had made us happy that day.

To finish off a brilliant week, children came to school wearing what made them happy, and they have lots of fun taking part in, or watching Pownall’s Got Talent Final!