‘Family and Friends’ Week

3 July, 2018 / 0 Comments / Headmaster Updates

Last week was another action packed, successful week at Pownall with the wonderful activities based upon our whole school ‘Family and Friends’ topic. The week brought the Pownall Family even closer together, reminding us of the true value and meaning of family and friends, the support and love that they give us, and that we give to them.

The week launched with Pownall’s first ‘Bake Off’ competition with the challenge of creating a ‘Family and Friends’ themed cake. There were 25 delicious entries that children had designed and made at home with their family and Friends.  The judging was an exciting event with the School Council and teachers having to make the tough decision to choose just 6 finalists. The ‘Sports Themed Bake Off Final’ took part on Saturday at the Summer Fair.  A huge well done to our winners and to everyone who took part!

The Pownall Nursery had a great start to the week as they hosted a ‘Den Day’. Children and their families were very creative, gathering a range of resources to build colourful and comfortable dens to play in.

During ‘Family and Friends’ week, our trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors had arranged a playground swap. They came up with the idea of inviting Form 2 to share their morning break and new playground equipment with the children in Form 3 – 6, and worked hard to organise this. The playground swap was a great success and the Form 2 children really enjoyed their visits to the other playground – it was lovely to see how kind and welcoming all the older children were!

Forms 2 studied a lovely book called ‘The Lotus Seed’ that told about the importance of family and homeland during the forced evacuation of WW2 and how something from home, no matter how small, can hold a family together for generations. We considered this in the light of the current refugee crises around the world. The children wrote about a possession they have which they would like to become an heirloom to pass on to future generations. Form 2 also made paper doll chains, using it as a mini DT lesson, as well as endorsing the dolls with the names of important members of friends and family.


Children in Form 3 were thoughtful when thinking about what their family and friends mean to them. They completed some challenging activities in English, learning about and using pathetic fallacy to write descriptive sentences and poems. Children wrote:

“When the angry tornado smashes everything in sight, my family are the indestructible fortress that protects me from the storm.”

“When the lonely moon is lost in the dark night sky, my family are the twinkling stars to keep me company.”

“When the tired clouds are lying in the sky, my family are the tweeting birds singing me to sleep.”


To end a brilliant week, Pownall hosted the ‘Family and Friends’ afternoon in order to bring everyone together for some fun in the sunshine! The event began with the ‘Pownall Family Picnic’ on the Headmaster’s lawn. There were lots of family fun activities, such as friendship bracelet and card making, lego building, family paper chain making, family sing-along and a dress-up photo booth.


The Form 6 children worked very hard on their business enterprise stalls selling items such as: stress balls, lollipops and chocolate goodies in order to raise money for their chosen charities. Their products were a huge success, with each stall raising well over £200 for the following charities: Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Breast cancer UK-Thank you so much Form 6! In addition, Pownall raised a fantastic £100 for the NSPCC through donations on the day.

At the ‘design a T shirt’ stall, many children enjoyed using fabric pastel dyes and textile pens to decorate a T shirt. The children sat alongside parents, grandparents and friends to create some truly original designs. The complete design was covered with a clean sheet of paper and it was pressed over with a hot iron to set the dyes.

The family fun didn’t stop there but continued in to the weekend for the Pownall Summer Fair. It was a brilliant event with bouncy castles, water slides, Katsouris BBQ, Tug-of-War, exotic animals, PFC and so much more! A huge thank you to our wonderful for PTA for putting on such a great event for our children and their families.